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When the camper is considered “totaled”

After seven years of travel over highways, through forests, deserts and wash-board roads I finally managed to snag our truck camper’s rear corner jack on a steel fence post in my own backyard.  The jack pulled the truck camper’s rear frame apart and severely twisted the camper’s frame.

I took the truck camper to  Wescraft RV & Truck in Tacoma Washington where the repair/estimator  spent a half-hour going over the camper inside and out.  Seam separation was also evident between the bathroom and kitchen wall plus the slide out frame had cracked at the lower corner.  The Wescraft inspector wanted to prevent giving an estimate that would become higher after the repairs were started.

Even so, he could not determine exactly how much damage would be found under the skin and we discussed the possibility that the true cost of repair could exceed his initial estimate.

The estimate was submitted to my insurance company who sent an inspector out the  see the truck camper and review it with Wescraft’s estimator.  The repair estimate was almost the blue book value of the camper.  And so, insurance offered to either pay for the repair cost up to blue book value or to cash me out for the blue book value.

So, it was my call.  Consider the truck camper “totaled”, take the insurance money or dive into repairs and hope for the best.  The problem was that the time required to repair the truck camper would wreck our immediate and important travel plans.

We took the cash.  The cash was enough to pay for a used camper similar to the camper that was totaled.  Within days we found a suitable replacement truck camper that was three years newer than our old camper.  With our insurance money plus another $5,ooo we soon became proud owners of 2008 Arctic Fox 1140 truck camper.




Truck Camper Owners new discussion forum

Welcome to the new discussion forum for and by truck camper owners.
“Oh no, not another rv forum.” he says.  “Great rv forums already exist.”  So do great artists.  Does it mean we should never look at different art?  Thus, this humble website enters the pool of rv camping forums.  Is the brush any good, the colors to rash or the strokes to rude?  Only you dear reader can make that choice.